Need a New Image… Fast?

We couldn’t help ourselves this morning folks. Let’s face it, we all got choked up when we saw KR humbled by his defeat* yesterday but… there was something so much bigger happening. This guy, who we all voted for, who did so much good and brought so much hope and promise really did let us down. We don’t know all that much about politics at DPM. But we do know about good design. What we don’t understand as designers and marketers is how this guy didn’t see it coming. The signs were there Kevin and you should have considered a re-design before matters were taken into their own hands. Oh, and we promise never to talk politics again!

*political slaughtering would also be acceptable here.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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