Newtown Local Rewards Cards

There is definitely high stakes in the game of who is Sydney’s coolest suburb. Surry Hills has probably got the prize right now, overflowing with hipster beards, fixies and visible ankles, but also great small bars and delicious coffee.

It’s hard to stay on top though, with previously unthought of upcoming suburbs like Erskineville and Redfern trying to stake a claim. Newtown’s always been a staple favourite, but with so much competition, it’s really had to put in some effort to stay visible.

Newtown Rewards Card

Newtown Precinct is an association of local businesses invested in the success of Newtown as one of Sydney’s cultural localities.

Newtown Precinct is an association of local businesses invested in the success of Newtown as one of Sydney’s cultural localities.

They pull together a whole range of different people who do business in Newtown, in arts, culture and eating, and present them as the collective entity making up the great experience that Newtown offers it’s visitors. That’s why they’ve gotten us to make this card for them, encouraging people to shop local by tallying up the purchases they make locally and giving them rewards for it.

We were really happy to do it, because to put it simply, we love Newtown. How could we not love it? We basically live in it. It’s only a short walk up the road to be right in the heart of Newtown. And it’s no secret that other people love it too.

Newtown on a Friday night is crazy busy. Newtown on a Saturday morning is equally crazy busy. It’s got to be a great suburb to attract the Friday night, beer swilling, cocktail drinking, one-night stand seeking, singles and the next day turn around and bring in the brunching, loved-up, pram-pushing set.

If you’ve ever tried to find a park in Newtown on a Saturday morning, you’ll know what we mean. With such a crowd, it’s probably even bringing those who fall in the middle; the one night standers who accidentally got pregnant and are making it work for the baby’s sake. We say good on them.

Newtown Rewards Card
You can find almost any cuisine you have a craving for on the main strip. Not to mention the great little shops with stuff that you might not find elsewhere.

We love the vintage shops, and there are too many to be named around here. You can pick up almost any old gem whilst supporting almost any cause, from homeless people to homeless cats. Plus there’s art stores falling out of our ears; pretty great location for a design studio!

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