Nothing Like a Little Patriotism

Considering the first public holiday of the year, Australia Day (cue employees applause and employers weep) is fast approaching, we would like to shed some light on what exactly makes Australians the way we are.  I mean, how many other countries give people a day off so that they can watch a bunch of thoroughbreds, their names dabbling in poor word play (Tawrrific anyone?) compete in a race that goes for two minutes in its entirety.  With our unique colloquial language, penchant for yeast extract and now in the buildup to Jan 26, select McDonald’s stores are updating their signage to “Maccas”. Wow. Just, wow. Aside from the more commercialised Australia, our island home is a wild beauty built on the tales of battlers, bushrangers and soldiers, their adventurous spirit embedded deep within our hearts and our strong sense of wanderlust mainly due to our geographical isolation.  Australia Day marks the anniversary of when the Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet raised the flag on Australia’s first European settlement at Sydney Cove.  What a feat!  On this holiday people usually celebrate by traditionally cracking open a cold beverage, flocking to their local watering hole, pulling faces (maybe like that boy), adorning themselves with the Australian flag/ Southern Cross (original Southern Cross pictured below) merch, either substituting it as a dress or cape and finishing off the look with a temporary tattoo’s upon their forehead.

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Imagine being THE designer of this flag, seeing your work used throughout generations of generations to represent this great southern land in which we live.  The flag was designed using a combination of the artwork of five artists, embracing what was soon to be a beautiful and constantly evolving love affair with the arts.  A dude on the radio recently attempted to defined our culture, stating that we have essentially gone shopping and handpicked the best bits from a bunch of cultures all over the globe, sticky-taping them together in a collage format to form said Australia. Perhaps this is true.  We just conducted a Google search on Australia and much to our dismay, very concerning imagery featuring an array of those things that should only-be-worn-around-the-house-and-banned-in-public, ugg boots, splashed across our screens. This doesn’t help. But let us not forget dear folk, that in actuality, we have a heck of a lot that we can be thankful for.  Today news broke, reporting that staff at Manly Library are actually banishing all copies of Lance Armstrong biographies and books alike to the Fiction section.  So glad this was deemed newsworthy.  Australia’s offbeat humor and rich cultural diversity just keeps gets richer as the country is increasingly attracting creative, innovative and inspirational humans from all over the globe, resulting in a big fat melting pot of entertainment and culture that is unlike any other.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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