Pure Botanicals Point Of Sale & Packaging Design

Pure Botanicals is a holistic health care centre in Newtown, offering a diverse range of therapeutic services and products for all your health and lifestyle requirements.

They have a few different elements making up the services they offer at their store, which include a retail store, a naturopathic dispensary, and a health clinic.

Point of Sale

We used a pattern to tie the Pure Botanicals packaging together and creatively applied it across their brand and typography.

The front end of the health care centre is the retail centre, which we think will be the part most of us will visit first.

They stock the Pure Botanicals range of health care products, as well as a range of other natural and eco products. If you visit the store, and we certainly encourage you to do so, you’ll see a whole bunch of great in-store collateral that we’ve been designing for them recently.

We loved working on these because we were able to use a beautiful pattern and apply it creatively across their packaging, even using it to fill some of the typography.

Packaging design
Don’t the colours just make you feel relaxed immediately? We’re definitely fans of these soft tones.

The naturopathic dispensary is available at your disposal seven days a week, offering free over the counter consultations with their in-house Naturopaths for many minor health concerns. If your doctor has prescribed yet another bunch of pills to take and you’re still not feeling great, it might be time to try something else. Something like a herbal medicine, a supplement or some homeopathy.

Of course for more serious matters they might refer you to the clinic, which houses a range of specialists in fields spanning from naturopathy, counselling, and tarot readings to massage, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

Basically unless what you need is some type of major organ surgery, you might be able to find just the kind of health care you need right here.

Packaging Design
They even give you a cup of herbal tea at the end of your treatment to help you relax. We’re drinking some herbal tea right now and we’re feeling so relaxed that we can barely concentrate on writing this post.

Life is goooood.

Maybe we should check exactly what kind of herbs have been put in this tea..

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