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When you first think of art, you normally think of paintings. Probably renaissance paintings, like the Sistine chapel, where (lots and lots) of ripped, naked men frolic across the ceiling with equally ripped, semi-naked Gods. Or the Mona Lisa. She’s smiling at you, but only with her eyes. But definitely not her eyebrows, because they mysteriously don’t appear on her face. Oh Leo you joker.

Sabbia gallery is here to help you learn about the world of ceramics and glass sculpture as art. They actually even do help their clients with a consultancy service in interiors and collection building. The pieces they sell would fit very well as single item on a grandiose wooden mantle, or a collection of objects to stand along the length of a tiled obsidian hallway. If you do have a spot to fill in your living room, and a very well behaved cat, dog or baby, this might be the place to look.

Glass blowing itself is a pretty ridiculous concept. Who would imagine you can make something so beautiful just by blowing it? We can blow a pretty good sized bubble at If you build it. But it takes some skill to blow something beautiful out of glass, which a little more solid than the specialised bubble blowing liquid (Wild and crazy bubbles TM) that we’ve been using. These days people use techniques a lot more complicated than just wacking a blob of glass on to the end of a piper and blowing into it, but the artistry involved in this unique process remains.

We made this postcard to show off the artist Tom Rowney’s new show, Retòrtoli. This is Tom’s first major solo exhibition in Australia. Retòrtoli refers to a particular type of glass blowing, inspired by the tradition of Venetian glass blowing. Opaque glass rods are wrapped within translucent glass rods, which are then shaped by the artist during the glass blowing stage. This all sounds pretty amazing to us, as despite just giving you that explanation, we still have no idea how it’s done.

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by Radi Safi

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