Sensory Overload

The holiday season is well underway and summer has finally decided to reveal itself* after playing an extremely long, drawn out game of hide and seek that definitely got old fast (why must you continue to play these games?)  Now is the point in time where it is natural for us as human beings to have a strong sense of wanderlust, as often our days are spent immersed within a multicoloured sea of technology,  Apple products and way too much caffeine.  By no means are these things evil, we just need a little space (Apple, this time it really isn’t you -it’s me).  Some prefer to live life through (insert online role-playing game here) usually at the expense of social interaction and basic hygiene, others find that places and things which once inspired and made them dizzy, tend to become stale.  Our eyes long for things unseen and our very being yearns for adventure.

As curious creatures, there are few things as enticing to us (other than a good meal) as diving head first into the unknown.  Never are our senses more challenged and curiosity ignited than when you fully immerse yourself in a foreign culture.  It’s all about those places where we can wander, dance, indulge in a fancy beverage, pick daisy’s -whatever your preferred relaxation method and the only real stress is trying to stuff as many things seen, heard and experienced into every spare nook and cranny within our brains.  A camera is also good for this.  With every experience, our eyes continually become more open and our perspectives constantly challenged.  Somehow amongst the masses, we find little pieces of ourselves and as designers, there is probably nothing more satisfying.  The coolest thing is that design and travel will forever be entwined, both relying on one another to keep our soul consistently exploring which in turn, keeps those creative juices flowing.

Here at IYBI, we are big cultural junkies and get a kick out of working with many art, design and travel organizations.  Why not take a moment to immerse yourself in some of the diverse projects we have created for them, like our company branding or sustainable business cards.

*Definitely spoke too soon, the weather forecast illustrates a top of 20 degrees -lets just say we are wishful thinkers.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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