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A very good number of our clients are start ups and one thing we can never get enough of is their entrepreneurial spirit. It’s the thing that spurs people to do something new and different, to push and make things better. You have to be brave to do something new and challenge convention, and it is these qualities that we admire in SME Property Lawyer.

Specialising in commercial, industrial and retail property law for small to medium sized businesses, SME Property Lawyer is doing things a little differently. With true honesty and transparency they advertise their standard pricing up front on their website – the only law firm that we’ve heard of to do so!

SME Property Lawyers

Specialising in property law, SME Property Lawyer is doing things a little differently and we were delighted to help design their brand and website

Director Andrew engaged us to help launch SME Property Lawyer with branding and to design and build the new website. Catering to small to medium business owners (exactly as the name states), the look and feel needed to be friendly but extremely professional at the same time.

More often than not clients that engage a law firm have already found themselves in a stressful predicament. SME Property Lawyer aims to instill confidence from their calm and friendly nature, not to mention their years of expertise and niche specialties. So it was important that the brand be approachable with a feeling of accessibility without any compromise on standard.

The request was for a straightforward text based logo, wanting a modern and clean feeling. Additionally, it needed to be easily adaptable to many different forms of collateral and still look good when printing on a standard printer.

SME Property Lawyers
What we delivered was a text based logo with edge – it’s easy to read but has several visual points of interest which make you look twice. We restricted the colour to black and white, ensuring it looks uniform no matter how it’s produced.

Once we had a visual identity successfully locked down, we started work on the brochure style multi-page site, with the main purpose being to convey information about SME’s services. Andrew wanted to be able to direct potential clients to the website and have all of their general questions answered by it’s content.

The major point of difference for this law firm is that they advertise their fees upfront, so you know what to expect financially when you engage them services. This feature needed to take centre stage, hence why it’s the first thing you see when you land on the site, in a colourful secondary navigation element that also includes links to the ‘Why SME?’ and ‘Services’ sections.

SME Property Lawyers
The secondary colour palette of mint, burnt orange and muted blue gives warmth and a welcoming feel, and compliments the black and white collateral. Images of everyday people and situations add to the approachability helping potential clients picture themselves working with SME.

Now with a world class branding and digital presence, this niche business can get on with doing what they do best.

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