Sofi Spritz

There’s a new girl in town we’d like you to meet. She’s young, a bit cheeky, dresses well and likes the odd tipple. She sounds pretty fun right? Right!

Her name is Sofi but the only problem is she isn’t real – well not in the human sense at least. Sorry to burst your bubble. But Sofi does exist as a new all natural alcoholic beverage Sofi Spritz that’s just arrived and here at IYBI we’re very keen to learn more.

sofi spritz

There’s a new girl in town – she’s young, cheeky, and likes the odd tipple. Her name is Sofi Spritz, and she’s a twist on the traditional Italian spritzer

Based on the sophisticated Italian beverage the spritzer, Sofi Spritz is an Australian re-imagining ready to take on Australia and beyond. We think it’s perfect for the long summer evenings and it’s nice to see a new type of beverage on the market.

What’s struck us as interesting is that glancing at any of their social media pages you’ll see a strong persona being build around Sofi. Giving the product a persona really helps to reach the desired audience through marketing campaigns. In this case, we presume the target audience is young, modern, city girls with a fun and full social life that’s intertwined with the worlds of fashion and fitness. It’s a great idea that other businesses should emulate!

Want to get to know Sofi? Head to the website. Their Facebook page has information on their current stockists and updates, while their Instagram has plenty of beautiful shots of people enjoying Sofi.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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