Speakeasy Cinema

Imagine going to the cinema, except you don’t go and see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, rather, you watch a film that’s normally in the weird, hard to find or overlooked basket. And while you’re there you don’t just watch the film, you might watch a band or even listen to a discussion about the film – maybe even with the director. Sometimes it’s a party. And always with a drink in hand.

Speakeasy Cinema

Taking an everyday experience and turning it on it’s head, Speakeasy Cinema celebrates cinema as an art form and helps it relive it’s former glory

Now, that never happens at your local cinema multiplex. We think this is an awesome idea as it takes something like the cinema, and completely reinvents the whole experience. It becomes a more cultural experience and celebrates cinema for what it is – an art form. We always love it when a business takes a simple idea and completely turns it on it’s head to make it a new experience. A night at Speakeasy Cinema is certainly unlike any other night at the movies. This is all done with the essence of the Speakeasy era in mind: “That what you are told to do is not necessarily the right thing to do.” 

Interested in your own prohibition era evening? Head to the Speakeasy Cinema website to see upcoming events and session times. Their Facebook page and Twitter boasts lots of updates on upcoming sessions, while their Instagram has lots of interesting and though-provoking images.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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