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“Clean your face with squishy Konjac”  says Spud Sponge, but, what is Konjac?  We realised that konjac is actually very similar to a potato and you use it to wash your face. We were intrigued to say the least.


Konjac, is a vegetable that hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Realising this potential Spud Sponge, provide these environmentally friendly face sponges

Spud Sponge is a relatively new business, entering into the market in the latter half of last year, but already they have created a loyal following who have all become obsessed with the cleaning powers konjac seems to bestow.

Easy to use, you simply submerge in water, allow it to re-hydrate and then scrub it all over your face on it’s own or with your cleanser and immediately you’ll reap the benefits of softer, cleaner skin. And the best bit, when your Spud Sponge is all worn out you can bury it in your garden or throw it onto your compost heap where it will biodegrade. Amazing huh?

We are astounded that you can actually use a vegetable to do such a task but judging by the amount of positive testimonials on their website, the results are speaking for themselves. We love any business that identifies a hole in the market and fills it with…in this case a vegetable.

Ready to start scrubbing? Head to the Spud Sponge website to check out the powers of konjac and even buy a spud of your very own. The Spud Sponge Facebook had plenty of updates and information of giveaways, while their Instagram and Pinterest is a haven for inspiration.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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