Studio Neon

Don’t worry, Studio Neon has nothing to do with raves or DayGlo. Located in Sydney’s Waterloo, Studio Neon is a creative space where it can essentially be whatever you want it to be. Technically it’s a studio space, but not wanting to be constrained by perceived notions of what a studio space should do, owner Aaron Teece takes a fluid approach to the studio where at night it transforms from studio to restaurant. The space itself is a vivid and eclectic mix of styles, much like the space and ethos of Studio Neon, as well as the patrons it attracts. Sometimes it’s used for fashion shoots, or to produce video clips. Other times it’s venue for corporate functions or even morphs into a wedding venue. In the evening though it’s all about the ‘Guestaurant’, a series of ticketed dinner evenings where you can expect a gastronomic night in a creatively communal atmosphere. Here at IYBI, we think it’s an inspiring venture and think it’s awesome that a business can be flexible and play to its strengths rather than being one-dimensional. Paint splattered floors, exposed brickwork and an array of props, the space transforms easily making it truly one of Sydney’s most intriguing and unique creative spaces. And maybe a little less secretive now.

Studio Neon

Intrigued? You should be! Head to the Studio Neon website to find out more about what they do or to enquire about your own event. If you give them a ‘like’ on their Facebook page you’ll be rewarded with information on their upcoming events and what else they’ve been getting up to. Their Instagram is crammed with great pictures of the space and the food they serve up.


by Jaime MacMillan

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