Swish Font, A Custom Typeface

Despite how busy the studio is with client work at the moment, we always make time for our love projects, and what we call our ‘vertical projects’. One of these is our creation of a custom typeface collection, and it has just taken a very exciting step forward.

We’re constantly searching for inspiration and ways to keep our skills sharp and our concepts fresh (another is to have a bucket load of great resources like Designspiration and Awwwards). Something as simple as a pattern created by shadows, or the orange of a fallen leaf can trigger and drive an entire project. Such was the case for Swish, a font inspired by a curled piece of fabric torn from a favorite old t-shirt.

custom font

We have just released our first custom typeface in beta form. Inspired by a torn piece of fabric, Swish font is now available for your personal use

Of course the fabric didn’t form the entire alphabet, it merely inspired the style of the letterforms. Many hours went into perfecting the vectors and making the feeling of each of the characters uniform and yet unique.

custom font
The result is a flowing and curvy type face with extended ascenders and descenders reminiscent of circle segments, and a kind of curved webbing adorning the inside corners. While it’s not completely type-set, Swish really is original and is sure to find a home in a few great projects.

Up until now, Swish has been purely for our own personal use. In it’s vector form, it can only be used through specific design software, meaning that it’s audience was limited to those with illustrator, where each individual letter had to be arranged.

custom font
As much as we love designers, we wanted everybody to be able to use our font, so we spent last week up-skilling to convert the vectors into a TTF which can be used through any program.

Apparently other people like it as much as we do, because it has had almost 600 downloads in two days. Head over to dafont to download the beta version of Swish for yourself. Keep your eyes open though, because we will be releasing the full version soon, along with a couple of other typefaces that we have in the works.

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by Radi Safi

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