We must stress that this is not about a beautiful piece of packaging as the name may suggest, rather Bellabox is Australia’s leading beauty discovery service where all the latest beauty products and cosmetics are ...
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Spud Sponge

“Clean your face with squishy Konjac”  says Spud Sponge, but, what is Konjac?  We realised that konjac is actually very similar to a potato and you use it to wash your face. We were intrigued ...
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Kester Black

Kester Black. Kester. Black. Don’t you think the name Kester Black sounds like someone you went to school with, or grew up in the same neighbourhood as? Maybe it’s just us. But whoever KB is ...
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Frank Body

It’s no secret that here at the IYBI studio, we love coffee. Some might say we’re maybe a little obsessed even, so of course our ears pricked up when we heard about Frank Coffee Scrub. ...
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