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Our numbers are lining up

We’ve taken a flying leap into the start of the year here at DPM and couldn’t help but see the numbers lining up for us! 29.04.12… 29 Liberty St….29 for 2012! (would you like more ...
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Inspired type

In the last few weeks we’ve each been working hard in the design studio on a creative font each, and today you get to see the final pieces. Mind you, a custom font could easily ...
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Create. Shape. Mold.

This week in the studio we have gone back a few years to the days of salty play-doh. We have a poster campaign in the works for Enmore Audio and thought we’d give you a ...
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On the side

We are constantly working on interesting ways to capture the attention and imagination of clients. Our latest outcome is this lovely little postcard. Wouldn’t you love to have this pop through your letterbox? ...
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Blog Design

A blog is an excellent and in-depth window into the mind of a product, brand and the people who stand behind it (such as us here at DPM!) Blogs are interactive, visually stunning, flexible and ...
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Greenacre Natural Therapies – Logo Design

Greenacre Natural Therapies, a small independant business located in Sydney’s South West has a new logomark compliments of the team at DPM! The new identity is intended to convey natural practices, wealth of knowledge, credibility ...
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DPM Soldiers Without Guns!

One of our latest projects here at DPM is targeting our colleagues working in government. Our message is that we work well with government and as a visual connection we’ve incorporated the message and style ...
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Creative Mess

• Sewing machine – Check. • Badge Press – Check. • Super Dots – Check. • Amazingly-fun-colourful-blow-your-mind-DPM-campaign-complete with badges, foiling AND handstitched – Check. We like to get our creative fingertips away from the Macs ...
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Daily deadlines, weekly miracles

I’m a pretty humble, easy going person* (so I think) so don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sing my own praises with what I’m about to say. But I would like to take ...
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