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We love working with start-ups, and it’s especially rewarding when we get the chance to work holistically, right from the inception of a business idea.

The team behind The Ute Canopy Co came to us looking for strategic digital partner that they could trust to take on the full breadth of their design and marketing needs.

complete digital solution ute canopy co

A look at how a holistic digital strategy empowers a brand – from logo and branding, to website, social media, digital strategy and content.

Having seen our previous work, and been impressed by our proposal the team enlisted us to develop a complete digital solution, from business name, to logo & branding, website, social media, digital strategy, and online content management.

Having a holistic approach to the design and development of a business, with each aspect informing the other along the way, always produces the most powerful and unified brand identities across both physical and digital platforms.

The concept for the business was both simple and niche, and we were on board straight away. The idea was to create the number one place in Australia for the purchase of a particular type of stylish Ute Canopy – with a focus on sport and style, rather than the more ubiquitous utilitarian canopies.

Naming & Branding

holistic digital strategy

After a stage of vigorous market research, moodboards, mind-maps and client liaison, we developed the final name for the business: The Ute Canopy Co.

A bold, descriptive name that reflects the non nonsense attitude of the target demographic, whilst alluding to the classic, and authoritative by suffixing with Co.

The Ute Canopy Co logo is assuming and powerful, with the symbol simultaneously eliciting connotations of mountains, rivers, tracks, and the profile of a Ute Canopy.

The use of a bold sans serif font reinforces the strength and modernity of the brand. Using a simple but classic colour scheme of red, black, grey and white, with broad shapes and clean lines, results in a stout, coherent brand identity that is versatile and immediately recognisable across any physical or digital platform.


full service digital communication

The next stage was to design and build the website. As an online only business, with no physical customer facing premises, the website is the main source of customer interaction, and as such must exemplify the brand ethos, whilst also allowing the most important element to shine though:

The product photography. The business sells a particular type of product, and a users primary concern will be to view this product and all the accompanying information.

The use of imagery and the “Call To Action”, leaves users in no doubt as to what this site is offering, and the flow that should be followed to find more information or proceed to the contact stage.

We used a sturdy graphic approach to the website, that was able to put product shots and info in the spotlight, whilst also being primed for conversion at every stage.

The graphic device of always using red to highlight key interactions, such as tabs and buttons, forms part of  intuitive and user friendly interface. The end result is a pragmatic, functional site that still embodies the character of the brand.

Social Media Management & Content

holistic digital strategy

Every single way that a customer can come into contact with a brand needs to be considered (these are often know as touchpoints).

A brand’s identity is much more than just logo and website, but is the overall impression left by every touchpoint, from social media imagery to the tone of voice used in a status update, blog post, or comment.

Consistency across all platforms essential to maintaining a strong, coherent brand identity, which is why we carefully designed the social media artwork for all platforms (and the content for publication).

Each channel mirrors the website in look and feel, and the content is designed to solidify the authoritative brand identity whilst also engage and inform the audience.

From the market research and business needs we developed a considered digital strategy, including SEO and content marketing, designed to maximise exposure to a relevant audience.

On the site we publish regular informative articles that provide valuable information to the audience and are also designed to assist with SEO strategy and help to get the website to the top of Google search results for key relevant search terms.

We also created original social media content, from static images to animations, designed to engage and display a certain confidence and prowess across social media platforms.

complete digital marketing plan

holistic digital marketing plan

In the end, The Ute Canopy Co has a an extremely discernible and robust brand identity, that is coherent and consistent across all channels and ultimately becomes greater than the some of it’s parts. We look forward to continuing to work the The Ute Canopy Co team, and helping this business grow and grow.

This case study illustrates the importance of finding the right strategic digital communication partner, that can take ownership of an entire project from design to marketing.

All elements, from the logo, to the website, to the social media channels are inherently linked, and the most successful brands and campaigns always have this at heart.

The Ute Canopy Co supplies the following canopies:

Ford Ranger ute canopies2007 models onwards

Toyota HiLux ute canopies2005 models onwards

Nissan Navara ute canopies2005 models onwards

Mitsubishi Trioton ute canopies2007 onwards 

Isuzu D-Max ute canopies2012 onwards

Ssangyong Actyon Sports ute canopies 2007 onwards

Volkswagen Amarok ute canopies2010 onwards

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