Veggie Patch Van

Who doesn’t love sweet potato chips. Or a haloumi burger. More importantly who doesn’t love high quality food that is good for you and is delicious. It’s time you got to know the the Veggie Patch Van. With food trucks taking over Sydney, the Veggie Patch Van is turning the concept on its head by serving up the good stuff and giving diners a healthy alternative. The Veggie Patch Van is a collaboration between vegetarian restaurant Yulli’s, design studio TMOD and a van called Spud. Working with a ‘paddock to plate’ ethos they serve tasty, seasonal vegetarian delights in locations all over Sydney everyday. Spuds exterior is inspired by a barn, with wood and plants adorning it – we would totally consider living in the van full-time, (only if meals are provided of course). We love that they take the sustainable concept of their business full circle by not only providing high quality food from local suppliers but they also run Spud off recycled vegetable oil, their packaging is entirely compostable and even the cooking equipment runs off solar panels. They also align their business with other companies of similar values – such as the Youth Food Movement – a  generous quality we don’t see enough amongst small businesses!

The Veggie Patch Van

Get yourself over to the Veggie Patch Van Facebook page. Their cover page is helpfully updated every week with information on where they’re going to be. If you’re more keen on Twitter they also update regularly on what locations they’re parked up at. They are also on Instagram which has some great images and healthy living affirmations!


by Jaime MacMillan

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