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There’s nothing better to us than an old client asking for our help expanding their business. After all, when the client is happy and successful, we’re happy and successful. That’s exactly what happened with Phil. We had done some work with him when he was Stuff By Phil, and when he changed his business name to Vogue Kitchens & Joinery, he asked us to lend a hand with the re-brand.

Specialising in custom kitchens & joinery, Phil is all about quality. He will deliver what’s promised, on time and within budget, not to mention that his craftsmanship is second to none.

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It was very important that the Vogue Kitchens & Joinery branding reflected their key values of customer service, professionalism and attention to detail

The reason behind the re-brand was a shift in clientele. Phil is now doing much bigger jobs, and wants to continue to attract that kind of work. Recognising the importance of market placement, Phil opted for a completely new brand, focusing on this new target market.

Designing, manufacturing and installing every element of every job, Vogue’s services are highly specialised and sought after. For this reason almost all new business comes from recommendations and word of mouth so it was very important that the brand reflected the business’s key values of customer service, professionalism and attention to detail.

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Thinking about his market placement before he even got to us, the new name ‘Vogue Kitchens & Joinery’ was chosen to reflect not only the service on offer, but the level of quality as well. We carried this idea through to the branding, employing a sleek navy and grey colour palette.

The symbol is a reflection of Phil’s trade – the two arms of the V are separate but still keep their form referencing joinery, and are enclosed in a circle to represent the all encompassing nature of a custom job. Combining the symbol with a strong font creates a professional, modern feeling.

Rolling the brand out onto collateral really demonstrates it’s strength and integrity. We’re currently working on the website which will further expand and enforce the brand and it’s intent. Keep you’re eyes peeled – it’s a gem.

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