Zeus Street Greek

You are not dreaming. It is a reasonable hour. The sun is shining and you are not even slightly inebriated. In fact, it is lunch-time on a Wednesday. And yes, you are tightly clutching a sovlaki. Welcome to Zeus Street Greek.

Zeus Street Greek

Thanks to their artisan approach, Zeus Street Greek have made sure that enjoying sovlaki in the light of day is no longer in the ‘so wrong it’s right’ category

For a myriad of reasons that we don’t have time to go into here, sovlaki has long been considered more of a late night delicacy rather than a delicious everyday edible. But thanks to our new mates at Zeus Street Greek, consuming sovlaki in the light of day is no longer in the so wrong its right category. It has been firmly repositioned in its rightful place, back on the top of the menu.

Taking an artisan approach to Greek street food, the team behind this new Sydney eatery focuses on time-honored methods and family recipes to create real food that has integrity. Zeus really care about what they call their ‘extended family’, which includes customers, suppliers, staff and community. They take an inside – out approach to eating, serving up humble Greek street food that not only tastes great but is good for the heart and soul as well.

Picture, mouth-watering, slow cooked meat, topped with authentic tid-bits and wrapped in delightfully soft pita. Flavoursome and delicious, Zeus slovakia is worthy of both of your hands, your concentration and your sobriety.

Much like a beautiful Greek woman, the menu at Zeus is certainly saucy and includes an array of mind-blowing signature dips, salads and traditional loukomades (Greek donuts with, honey cinnamon and walnuts). Yum!

For the moment, the Zeus Street Greek is situated in Drummoyne and offers delivery to surrounding suburbs. If you live on the other side of the bridge, you should probably cross hell or high water (literally) to meet Zeus, the newly crowned king of Sydney sovlaki.

Besides, we are all about re-living that totally epic food experience you had a 3am. Perhaps with slightly more refinery, with something that is actually tasty and without the impeding hangover.

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by Katie Helps

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