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We’re as prolific with our research and study as we are with our writing and blogging. Here are a few recent meanderings.

Excelzia Education Website 26 May 2015

Excelzia‘s motto is ‘Learning Through Experience’ with good reason. They encourage high school students from South East Asian countries to come to Australia and participate in a variety of programs specifically designed to improve confidence,

best new fonts
Panthony Typeface, A Custom Font 25 May 2015

As a studio we feel pretty strongly about the importance of internal projects. They help us hone our skills and stay inspired by following creative tangents that occurs to us, usually as the result of

Shopping Cart
Online Store Conversion Rate: An Introduction 24 April 2015

Conversion rate is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) in measuring how a business performs and informing actions for improvement. It is the percentage of the people who take the desired action. Technically conversion

Happy 2.0 – Music Blog Digital Strategy and Web Design 10 April 2015

As Happy’s go-to digital agency, we’ve been holding their hand as they grew from a local music festival turned online music blog now boasting over 2 million annual page views. It’s been quite a few years,