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Responsive Design Infographic

Responsive Design Infographic
There are fads and then there are concrete developments in the way in which we consume media and ultimately part with our hard earned dollars. In our consumer driven society for which as a design agency we are very grateful, it’s the latter fact that is most often the greatest motivator and with good reason. More money = more people and more people, (hopefully) = better results.

The proliferation of mobile and semi-mobile devices has meant that for some time now designers and developers need to not only consider the variables within the one set of rules, but variables within several sets of rules. If you add it up, we need to think about monitor size and the bunch of browser rules there are as well as font compatibility (we love Google web fonts by the way) plus a host of other factors.

Responsive Design Infographic
With iPads and other hand held note pads as well as smaller smart phones, there’s now the consideration that people are not only taking a quick look on these devices but actually making a transaction on their device. The logical design solution for these challenges is what we call responsive design. The figures which are sure to change considerably in months and years to come are already very surprising.

For some time we’ve recognized the importance of mobile compatible sites and since the start of 2013 all our WordPress developments have painstakingly included mobile versions of the sites we develop. We hope you enjoy our new infographic.

Responsive Design InfographicResponsive Design Infographic  Responsive Design InfographicResponsive Design InfographicResponsive Design Infographic
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Responsive Design Infographic

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Radi Safi

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the owner and Creative Director at IYBI. He started If You Build It 1999 and has been actively involved in the growth and development of the digital world ever since. He is directly involved in all major projects the studio undertakes and is always available for a chat.
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