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Responsive Design Infographic

Responsive Design Infographic

Make sense of the reasoning and restrictions of responsive design for the web in our latest infographic. Part of the IYBI tool kit

There are fads and then there are concrete developments in the way in which we consume media. These developments are often measured by how well they effect our spending habits and ultimately inspire us to part with our hard earned dollars.

In the case of responsive design it’s more about the practical aspect of how people now interact with and consume digital media. A digital strategist or web developer not considering the trends toward mobile and tablet interactions are not just running a misguided risk, they are making an outright mistake.

Responsive Design Infographic
The proliferation of mobile and semi-mobile devices has meant that for some time now designers and developers need to not only consider the variables within the one set of rules, but variables within several sets of rules. This means that the UX (user experience) for the mobile and tablet versions of your site needs to be considered and developed alongside the desktop design rather than as an afterthought.

Responsive Design Infographic
If you add it up, one needs to consider numerous factors when ensuring mobile and tablet compatibility. Monitor sizes, browser rules and future proofing are just the start. There are a host of other best practices that IYBI employ to ensure your site looks great on as many devices as possible and will do so for as long as possible.

Responsive Design Infographic
With iPads and other hand held notepads as well as smaller smart phones, there’s now the consideration that people are not only taking a quick look on these devices but actually making transactions on them. The logical design solution for these challenges is what we call true responsive design. The figures which are sure to change considerably in months and years to come are already very surprising.

Responsive Design Infographic
For some time we’ve recognized the importance of mobile compatible sites and since the start of 2012 all our WordPress developments have painstakingly included mobile versions of the sites we develop. While this space moves at an incredible pace, we hope you enjoy our new infographic.

Responsive Design Infographic
As a side note you might be interested to know that this infographic was developed by scanning individual pieces of coloured paper that were hand cut and then assembling them one at a time in Photoshop after a rough wireframe had been established for the piece!

Responsive Design Infographic
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Responsive Design Infographic

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Radi Safi

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI which he started as a boutique design agency in 2001. He has been actively involved in the growth and development of the digital world ever since and is directly involved in all major projects the studio undertakes.
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