4 Pines

It’s hard to think of a more classic appeal to Australiana symbolism than a brewery on the beach. The 4 Pines ‘brewpub’, on Manly’s Esplanade claims that symbol and more. Named after four pine trees felled for defence purposes in WWII, the guys behind the beer are equally proud of where they come from, where they are, and where they’re going.

The recent craft beer and microbrewery explosion has seen us punters spoilt for choice as fresh talent enters the industry. 4 Pines, established in 2008, aren’t exactly the newest kids on the block. Instead, they’ve been able to spend the years expanding outwards and honing their craft.

4 Pines

Their motto “handcrafted beer brewed naturally” says it all really. 4 Pines’ all natural selection will leave you fully satisfied and yet still wanting more

Sticking to the motto of “handcrafted beer brewed naturally”, their methods hark back to the tradition of German purity laws (ie. Thou shalt make a beaut brew out of nothing but hops, water, yeast and malt). Though to keep things interesting, they sometimes skirt around the rules to experiment with other natural ingredients like ginger and mandarin. But be rest assured, there’s not an artificial ingredient in sight.

While the dependable range of five beers and a cider can be found in most sensible bars, the brewers are able to keep testing the waters (and our tastebuds) with the Keller Door series. A series consists of a set of four beers, usually coinciding with events like Oktoberfest, St. Pat’s Day, or Eurotrash. Every now and then they’ll throw a single release Kellar Door to mix things up even more – the latest edition being an Imperial India Brown Ale. Doing the maths, it equals around twenty-four new obscure beers each year.

Complacency just isn’t in the 4 Pines vocab. Not wanting to limit their audience to those of us burdened by gravity, and anticipating a big bang in the space tourism market, the legends have teamed up with space-savvy engineers Saber Astronautics to form Vostok. Their intention: to make their gold-winning Irish Stout the world’s first certified ‘space beer’. Because the perfect beer to complete the deep, dark recesses of the cosmos can only be a beer as black to match.

If you can’t wait until they build pubs on the moon, don’t stress; the headquarters in Manly functions as fully operating venue seven days a week. They’ve got the goods to line your stomach too, with a menu catering for all types of hunger pang and gluten-avoidance. Everything’s made fresh from scratch – including the stout-infused farm house bread. There’s a regular rotation of live music and DJs, including “Magic Mondays with ‘Jules the Great’”. While you’re there, join the Beer Club to get free upgrades to pints, discounts on cases and other card-carrying perks.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know your Kolsch from your Hefeweizen – let alone how to pronounce them – the crew at 4 Pines will welcome you with something to sip in one hand and something to chew in the other.

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by Patrick Ewing

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