Alaska Projects

Have you ever gone to see an exhibition or performance in a car park? Well, we know a place where you can do exactly that: Alaska Projects.

alaska projects

An artist run initiative, Alaska Projects makes use of spaces you wouldn’t expect (like disused car parks) to hold exhibitions and performances of all kinds

Alaska Projects is an artist-run initiative that aims to exhibit contemporary art in used and disused spaces. Their first project was actually an abandoned mechanics office located in a car park in Kings Cross which creeps beyond the actual car park area into stairwells and elevators. Surprisingly, the space works extremely well and lends itself to an air of secrecy and a truly unique experience.

Rather than being an obvious shop front, Alaska Projects want visitors to search for them and discover them. We doubt you’ve ever been to a place like this before! Besides art exhibitions, Alaska Projects also delve into musical and performance projects, creating a hub of creative activity and an inspiring atmosphere.

As you know, here at IYBI we’re a creative bunch working in a creative industry. As you may also know, the creative industry is a big and varied place, so we also love seeing businesses within our industry doing some really excellent stuff and Alaska Projects is definitely one of them. Not only because they support the local art scene but also push the envelop. Seriously a car park?! Such crazy/cool cats.

Have you been intrigued? Head to the Alaska Projects website to view the space, the artists, and their latest projects. Their Facebook and Twitter is updated regularly with news to keep you up to date with with everything going on.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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