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Alive Natural Health is a naturopathy and nutrition business run by Helen Ridge. After experiencing the benefits of natural therapy herself, Ridge decided to retrain as a practitioner in order to help others the way she was helped. Moving away from the traditional ‘hippy’ feeling of natural medicine, Ridge has a fresh, modern approach with a strong focus on food and nutrition. Being overly strict with yourself and your diet tends to backfire – Alive is all about achieving balance and finding a place where you and your body are happy and healthy.

Alive’s relaxed, professional and balanced approach to natural medicine needed to be the focus of the identity. Visually it needed to be clean, modern, fun and trustworthy. Choosing a natural practitioner is a very personal thing – you need to feel that their values align with yours, that they are professional, knowledgable and have your best interests at heart. Distilling all of these elements into a visual identity is no mean feat.

Alive branding

Alive Natural Health is a sydney based naturopathy and nutrition business who approached IYBI for a professional, modern identity to launch them into the market.

Alive will be launching in 2014, and wanted to present the world with a fully resolved brand right from the beginning. If You Build It took up the challenge with gusto and have provided Alive with an identity which does all of these things. The logo references Alive’s heavy focus on food by incorporating kale leaves, which are part of a family of ‘new’ greens who’s outstanding physical benefits just are becoming well known. Combine this with a fresh green colour palette and it gives you that light, healthy feeling you get during a good walk out in nature. Imagery is so important when dealing with food – words on a page will never have the same effect as a crisp photo which immediately makes you hungry. The use of greens imagery in the collateral really plays off this idea, putting the viewer in the mood for a tasty salad.

Alive Branding
The outcome of the project is a clean, transparent, healthy brand which champions Alive Natural Health’s approach to naturopathy and nutrition. It sets up Alive as a professional, fresh option for natural therapy, launching them into the market with style and confidence. If you like what you see then watch this space – we’re currently working on Alive’s website, and it’s looking amazing. If we do say so ourselves.

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