Mail Drops that Work – An Illustrative Approach

In January 2010 we decided to freshen things up with a series of very distinct and vibrant illustrative flyers and posters. For the most part these were used in local mail drops by Australia Post (these guys have a great web site by the way and we would love the opportunity to work on something with such a budget one day), and our friendly maildrop team at A Family Affair (another great team who sadly don’t have a website). By local we mean Enmore, Stanmore, Newtown, Petersham, St Peters and Erskineville. The inner west is a hive of activity when it comes to the arts and creative folk. That means a couple of things for us: For one things there is plenty of people that could use a web site or other design service but it also means we have competition and need to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty graphic design studio’s in the inner west and we love a bit of healthy competition. It does bring the best out of you. And even though we’ve been here (in Enmore), for almost two years, we still didn’t feel connected to the community the way we did in Surry Hills. Mind you, we were in Surry Hills for 6 years so that does make a difference. The flyers were very well received and here’s the ‘fish’ one. We’ll get the other two up as soon as possible.

Fish illustration self promotion flyer

Fish Illustration self promotion flyer

We know that 10,000 flyers doesn’t sound like much and this next number is going to freak you out but we think its a great way to focus the team and get in front of people in a whole new way. We expect about 1 phone call from every 1,000 flyers we send out in the first week! Sounds pretty small doesn’t it? But the real magic happens when we get a cal in three months time and people want to make an appointment to see us. When we meet them they tell us they got a flyer months ago and it was a real keeper. And that’s the secret of good mail drops. Make sure the item doesn’t have an expiry date and that its worth hanging on to. We achieved this with great design and great paper stock. One of the most successful campaigns of this nature was for one of our clients called Wildlife Hairdressing who dropped in a saturation style over a period of 6-8 weeks in a local area and were able to convert 20-35 new clients a week. Pretty sweet. So if you need any help with that next call to action flyer campaign (which of course should also be used as an e-zine) then we’d be happy to help.

Words, images, photos, logos and graphic design are all Copyright © IYBI 2010.  Logo and Branding Development by IYBI.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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