We all need shoes. It be pretty painful to walk on concrete in summer or to keep warm in the winter. And our feet would be pretty unsightly after being exposed to the elements constantly. So if you have to wear shoes, you ought to wear some nice ones.

&Attorney make some pretty delightful footwear that will protect you from all forms of weather and makes you smile every time you look down. We guarantee. Their mantra is “let’s ride this horse backwards,” where they look to the past for inspiration while designing footwear for modern times and for modern people.

And Attorney

If you like delightful shoes that protect you from all forms of weather and make you smile every time you look down you should check out &Attorney

They are constantly moving things forward with different design aesthetics which is something that we love about them. What we also love about &Attorney is that they’re 100% Australian made, meaning the design, development and manufacturing all happens right here in Australia. It’s something they are very proud of and so they should be. We always love a business that supports Australian industry and we feel it really makes them stand out.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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