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Andy Apparel is an alternative clothing company based in Sydney. They occupy a pretty exclusive niche in the fashion market – they produce men’s clothing for women.

Andy caters mostly to the gay community, providing quality clothing options for all gender types without a hefty price tag. With the tagline “Wear Confidence”, Andy Apparel is men’s clothing fitted for women, to bridge the gap between the sexes and make women feel more empowered.

Logo and Branding Sydney

Occupying a niche in the fashion market (men’s clothes for women), the Andy Apparel naming and branding needed to better align with their aims and values.

Andy came to us as Out Clothing, wanting a new name and a new brand which is better aligned with their aims and values. They wanted an edgy, high quality look which would easily communicate their very unique standpoint. Androgyny has been a strong trend in high fashion labels like YSL for years, however they focus their efforts on one body shape. This made the Katherine Hepburn look desirable and accessible, but only to those who are skinny enough to be on runways themselves. Andy maintains the same unisex feeling, but for a broader range of body shapes and budgets.

The aim of this project was to improve Andy’s standing in the community, and really launch it as a professional and competitive brand.

The name we came up with had to be simple, clever and strongly unisex. Andy is the perfect solution – a name for either a boy or girl, and short for androgynous, the name is layered with meaning.

Andy Apparel
The addition of ‘Apparel’ communicates the industry and clarifies the business. The brand followed on from the strength of the name, being clean and strong. The symbol references elements of all the letters in the name, creating a unique visual identity which is easily recognisable.

The Andy Apparel naming and branding now matches the strength of their concept. The combination of the word and symbol in classic black and white is androgynous, unique and ultimately confident – just like Andy’s clients. Equiped with their new name, brand, collateral and holding page, there is no telling what the future holds for this innovative label.

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