Balmain Bikes

We’ve been getting more into bikes and bike culture every week; writing about Treadlie and Rising Sun Workshop recently. However, Balmain Bikes are very much into the wider culture of Sydney and their refreshing attitude brightened up our day.

We’re not sure if it’s a coincidence that they’re located in the bike-friendliest peninsula in Sydney, but Balmain is the perfect HQ for you to ride your ride over to, or for a cheeky practice spin. 

Balmain Bikes

An old school European vibe and friendly attitude are defining factors of Balmain Bike’s unique offering. We know where we’re getting our fixie fixed!

As well as the usual workshop expectations of bikes, parts and accessories, these guys are on top of everything else bike related too. Their Facebook is quite funny and lighthearted, very topical with a cheeky tone of voice that’s super effective.

Catering to a wide range of customers and budgets they really are the go to point for anything bike related. This includes some really rad accessories that can’t be found in other shops in Australia, with a very European, old school feeling. Although not really enjoying a modern aesthetic themselves, they appreciate good design, and their Facebook is a good indication of experimental and cutting edge developments. 

They also have a BYO parts section, where you can order parts directly to their workshop. Chat to them about your thoughts beforehand, learn a bit, strike up a conversation and make a new friendship. Clearly relaxed and efficient, you should see the feedback people shout out to them. They’re the stereotypical over-achiever: funny, sporty, smart, and judging by their handsome site, good looking too! You can’t help but like these guys. 

The whole ‘menu’ is up on their site. It’s super palatable, but if you have a unique idea or thought they’ll be more then happy to whip up a quote. Located on Darling Street, the heart of Balmain, it’s a quick pedal to get there and see it yourself, and a great locality to take your bike out for a spin. 

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by Isaac Keatinge

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