Batch Brewing Co.

Craft beer is one of these recent trends that really doesn’t need an introduction. It seems that Australians love their Vegemite, their Triple J, and now their craft beer. The small batch-brewing of beer is becoming a subculture itself. Nothing sums up this rather fabulous approach to business more then the Batch Brewing Co. themselves.

More crafty, more niche, more suburban, more local – these are all things we love to see grow. It mirrors a more laid back approach- as if the hipsters are growing up (yikes!). The green economy is flourishing and we are in the midst, not just of a brewing revolution, but indeed a whole new consumption model.

Batch Brewing Co

More crafty, more niche, more suburban, more local, Batch Brewing Co. is a cheerful afternoon, community catch up place with an emphasis on quality

It’s widely agreed within the hospitality industry that this diversifying and niche-ing down process is just great. It allows for more successful smaller businesses, more of a focus on quality and more collaboration.

We see a lot of uber trendy up and coming places – which is why we love our newsletter so much! However, this is definitely one of the more industrial chic places around – with an inside that mirrors the surrounding suburb of warehouses, studios, young professionals and hooligans.

Changing their offering fortnightly means its a good idea to check out their Facebook and Twitter. Also we only just realised what hops actually look like due to their Instagram (like artichokes but not).

Shutting at 7pm firmly deposits the BBC as a cheerful afternoon, community catch up place, rather then a late night venue. This ensures that people are truly interested in their bees and bros, and not just there to party- keeping the feel homely and comfortable.

Considering the two founders, Andrew Fineran and Chris Sidwa met each other through community sport, it’s small wonder there’s a massive community element going on here.

Crafty Pint reported that “while the next joint brewing project hasn’t been locked in yet, they’ve had the thumbs-up from the team at Young Henrys in neighboring Newtown for a collaboration in the near future”.

With places like Stone and Wood in the northern paradise of Byron Bay gaining more and more approval, Craft Beer may make for a true nationwide art. In Canberra the new LSR NORTH PROJECT and the launch of BentSpoke Brewing Co. signals not just the launch of Canberra’s newest microbrewery and taphouse, but also what owners Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain hope will become a local beer brand. Together with more than 30 independently-owned, craft breweries around Melbourne, it’s only a matter of time until we have a full craft beer festival!

For now, refillable take away bottles are available from BBC too – good for the environment AND your fridge! These come in 1.89 L ‘Growlers’ or 640 ML ‘Bombers’. This has led to a busy trade on any given Thursday, Friday or Saturday afternoon as locals, much like the rest of Sydney, are forced to stock up on any cheeky booze supplies before 10 (remembering in this case 7pm).

Check out their perfect site for their current range now!

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by Isaac Keatinge

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