We must stress that this is not about a beautiful piece of packaging as the name may suggest, rather Bellabox is Australia’s leading beauty discovery service where all the latest beauty products and cosmetics are delivered to your door.

Bella Box

Beauty products without the hassle, Bellabox offer subscribers a taste of handpicked beauty items each month

Perfect for those who are curious, but time-poor. Run as a subscription service, every month you can expect at least five different products to show up at your place ready for you to test out.

Only using products from well-known, cult or boutique brands, you can then go ahead and use the Bellabox online store to purchase full size versions of your favourites.

Run by twin sisters Emily and Sarah Hamilton, Bellabox has seen such great success they’ve expanded into Bellobox, for men and Bellababy for mums and bubs. And if you’d rather bypass the sample stage, you just go ahead and order yourself ten tubs of your favourite moisturiser if that’s your thing.

At IYBI we’re sticklers for samples so this business is our kind of heaven. We love learning about clever businesses and Bellabox is certainly a brain-box business. We can’t think of any other companies that offer a service like this and they must be onto a good thing since they are also run in Singapore.

Keen to get your own Bellabox? Head to the website to check out some of their brands and of course start a subscription for yourself or as a gift for somebody. The Bellabox Facebook page is filled with updates and profiles on some of their most loved products, while their Twitter features lots of kind words from customers.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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