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We loved making these gorgeous, minimal business cards for the artist Ben Hall. The symbol on the front is a simple symbol made of a stylised H, representing, unsurprisingly, his surname Hall. One thing we remember is that he was very specific about this particular shade of yellow, which we agree is quite a lovely rich, warm tone, almost a gold. And he’s definitely making a great branding decision by being so particular about what colours he uses to represent himself; he is owning this particular shade of yellow. That meant that we got to use Pantone spot colours on this project, which we love for their range and precision. There is almost no feeling that you can’t convey with one of Pantones spot colours. We’ve used two on this business card, because why use more than you need to get the message across?

The message in this case is Ben Hall, local Sydney painter and sculptor, born in Dubbo in 1935. Here is a mostly unrelated photo of Ben and his adorable cat, most likely named Sparkles, although I can’t confirm that. Hall has been painting since he was 12, and paints predominantly in the abstract form. His inspiration comes from the landscape, and this inspiration is visible in the shapes of leaves and natural lines that form pathways through his work. He is represented by the Wilson St gallery at Danks, but has exhibited solo shows across Sydney, including at a few like Brenda May that If You Build It has worked with in the past.

Ben Hall is also, interestingly enough, a master woodworker, and well known for his work crafting Baroque instruments. He makes classic guitars amongst other things, and engraves his instruments with the name John Hall (in case the photos below confused you), but most people know him as Ben.

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by Radi Safi

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