Bicycle Network

Wanting to get fitter? Take the stress out of life, put on a helmet and hop on a bike!

Ever been in the worst traffic congestion with cyclists whipping past you while you sit in your car or on the bus idly, waiting? Perhaps you need to consider buying a bike!

As the Bicycle Network website states, “physical activity is vital for a happy, healthy life” – definitely can’t complain with that! Encouraging others to embrace bike riding as a part of everyday life, Bicycle Network gets the help and support of NGOs and public companies to achieve the goal of “making bike riding easy for everyone”.

Bicycle Network

Believing that physical activity is vital for a happy, healthy life, the Bicycle Network encourages you to hop on your bike, and helps you ride in safety

The Network is currently appealing to the government to spend a $7.5 billion on 7,500 kilometres of bike infrastructure (specially designated bike lanes and paths) throughout Australia so that we can all collectively ride our way to health in safety. Calling on the support of bike riders, Bicycle Network make a compelling argument (7 steps in fact!) for the new bike infrastructure initiative. One such fact includes 59% of Australians being concerned about cars and trucks while they’re on the road on their bikes.

Lend your support to Bicycle Network’s cause by taking part in the Bupa Around the Bay bike event on October 19; choose a circuit from 11 options around Melbourne – from the family friendly 20km, to the 250km stretch. If you don’t choose to be in the event, you can support someone in the race by donating some money to their cause. Being sponsored for the ride means that you get to donate to The Smith Family‘s cause of empowering Australian kids in need of an education. So get on ya bikes!

For more information about bike riding and getting started, check out the Bicycle Network website as it’s your essential resource to begin your journey as a fighting fit cyclist! Be sure to check the site out regularly as there are events popping up throughout the year, that will definitely pedal you to glory!

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by Radi Safi

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