A recent start up has a growing momentum of attention. Bloodless the Label was started by a Sydney based duo, 22 year olds Inkley and David who consciously design clothes with a “stuff we’d actually wear” ethos. That’s just the start of their cool, down to earth and workable idea.

With a rapidly increasing cult following we couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon too! More then their cool words and cooler street wear designs, these two have tapped into a fantastic social idea. They encourage dialogue about issues, looking trendy and directly support initiatives in some of the worst off places on the planet.

Bloodless clothing

Sydney based clothing label Bloodless directly support initiatives around the world, and help you look rad while doing it

Premised as an enterprise designed to bring attention + profits to entrepreneurs, start ups and those struggling around the world, their designs are issue based and entirely relevant. It might still be possible to collect their entire series if you jump on their site and order now! Like a more fluid and one-off version of the previously written about One Night Stand they release limited designs monthly.

They support those who want to make a difference and are already helping themselves. In a way, this is more local then any community based organisation, and it’s essential to realise that we are all part of this network. Or as Bloodless-the-Label would say, this “rat pack”.

Their recent ‘Oh Honey‘ April Tee exemplifies their simple, yet smart, set up. With $20.00 from each shirt going directly to their chosen hero, in this case a South African Honey Farmer, via Spark* international, a well known ethical supply chain connector. They source 100% Australian made textiles, and aim to see their messages about the wider world running around on Australian youth.

They are not aiming for the traditional mumservation type customer. Rather, they know their designs are rad, and they speak like it. Check them out yourselves to see that they don’t just talk the talk.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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