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Here at IYBI we clearly have a love of good design and embrace all aspects of it. Including print media. There’s something wonderful about thumbing your way through a beautifully made magazine, getting to feel the stock they’ve used, exploring the typography and digesting the imagery and words. It’s a real luxury in our thoroughly modern and digital world.

brace magazine

A cultural wonderland filled with fashion, art, music, and literature, Brace Magazine is curated and edited with expertise, celebrating cultural rebellion

Brace Magazine straddles both worlds and produces a print magazine as well as an online version to satisfy all curiosities. It’s a cultural wonderland filled with fashion, art, music, and literature that is curated and edited with expertise. As they say, they celebrate cultural rebellion and explore those on the periphery.

We feel in business, it’s always great to step out of your comfort zone and discover things that are maybe not the norm, because you never know what you’ll uncover. This is a major reason why Brace Magazine is continually building momentum. Issue two has just been released and we’re keen to see where this bi-annual publication will go.

Want to submerge yourself in Brace land? Head to the website to get into it. Their Facebook page is brings you highlights from the latest issue. Their Instagram is a world of beautiful pictures of beautiful people and things.

In case you haven’t seen, we’re working closely with the folks over at Happy Mag on their own music magazine.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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