Buddah Wear

When Buddha Wear begun in 2006, it started as a yoga wear label. However there was such a demand for their products that the company decided to make clothes that you can do more than just salute the sun in.

Stepping firmly into the realm of everyday leisure wear, the Buddha Wear designs are influenced by the surroundings of Bali where the label was founded. The epitome of understated style the label is defined by versatile and perfectly fitting pieces that are made from quality fabrics in simple colours.

Buddha Wear

Influenced by Balinese culture, Buddah Wear makes clothes for women of integrity that not only look great but that you can feel great about wearing

It’s not only great clothes that makes Buddah Wear worthy of a look-see, the company operates as socially and ethically responsible as possible. Champions of the simple and fair, they aim to provide their workers with the simple and fair work conditions that we so often take for granted.

These are basic and reasonable work conditions such as a fair wage, subsidised meals, after school child minding and family health benefits. All a part of their ‘wear fair ‘ policy which is a direct response to the sweat-shop mentality that is so prevalent, not only in Indonesia but in the rag trade in general.

At IYBI we think this is awesome but what we think is even better is that Buddha Wear take their ‘Wear Fair’ policy one step further. They only use materials that are supplied by companies whose production isn’t directly harmful to the environment.

Actively seeking out certified eco companies and personally verifying manufacturing processes and staff conditions. Did we also mention they donate a potion of there profit to charities for the support and care of HIV positive children in Bali? Pretty epic. Buddah Wear makes clothes for women of integrity that not only look great but that you can feel great about wearing.

Free delivery within Australia is just the icing on the cake that makes Buddha Wear extra excellent. Get online and grab some Buddha Wear and make everyday feel like a tropical get away.

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by Katie Helps

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