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Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs provides extensive, reliable services in bookkeeping, staff management, budgets and compliance for a variety of industries. Located in Bronte, they have been helping individuals and businesses in Sydney with a strong focus in the Eastern Suburbs. Moreover, Busy Bookkeeping aspires to expand it’s localised services to the US and Canadian markets.

Busy Bookkeeping’s Director approached us to redesign the company’s website, aiming to consolidate its digital presence and set a foundation for its international expansion.

BusyBooks Web Design Homepage

The multi-region website design allows Busy Bookkeeping to effectively target local markets and helps site visitors reach useful content more efficiently

Bookkeeping businesses can be quite monotonous, but in Busy Bookkeeping’s case, the company cleverly differentiates itself from others through its localised services and down-to-earth approach.

This unique offering is reflected through a careful selection of images of people and a friendly, approachable tone of voice on the new website which engages the site’s visitors on an emotional level. The new look and feel amplifies the company’s strengths, positioning it as an honest and understanding go-to partner, rather than just another bookkeeping company.

In terms of functionality, like other websites we’ve designed and developed, the new Busy Bookkeeping website is responsive and built with content management capability. Yet every site varies. In this case, the need to customise content for different markets inspired us to create a multi-region website design. We implemented geolocation detection which redirects visitors to their local pages within the site based on their country. Compared to the non-country-specific sites, the new website will allow Busy Bookkeeping to target local markets and help site visitors reach useful content more efficiently.

Besides the imagery and tone of voice, we’ve also employed some tactics within the design to increase the level of engagement and conversion including:

  • a creative colour palette of grey and a dash of watermelon, to create a sense of trust and confidence, yet actively trigger call-to-action;
  • effective information architecture and copywriting;
  • customer testimonials to add credibility to the company; and
  • clear and immediate call to action.

BusyBooks Website Design

While these features create better engagement with potential clients, the new website also massively improves the user experience for existing clients. Busy Bookkeeping is all about making life easier for people. For the new website, we’ve simplified how clients to upload files to only two steps. Through this path, clients are directed to a file submission form that only requires very minimal user input to send files. This not only improves efficiency for Busy Bookkeeping’s clients, but also helps the company to keep its busy life organised.

BusyBooks Client upload

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