business cards

Ladurée – Business Cards

Once I reveal to you what Ladurée do, you will not have the time to read the rest of this post. You will be out the door, wallet in hand, and straight into Westfield, Pitt ...
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artist business cards

Ben Hall – Business Cards

We loved making these gorgeous, minimal business cards for the artist Ben Hall. The symbol on the front is a simple symbol made of a stylised H, representing, unsurprisingly, his surname Hall. One thing we ...
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artist postcards

Gallery 9 – Postcards

Gallery 9 is a contemporary art gallery located in Darlinghurst, dedicated to showcasing the work of established and emerging artists working in a diverse range of media from painting to installation and video. Gallery 9 ...
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book design

John Firth-Smith – Book

John Firth-Smith: From here to there is the kind of book that is a pleasure to touch and feel, printed on the kind of paper that is enough to convince you that print will never ...
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dianne tanzer company branding

Dianne Tanzer – Postcards

For this promotion campaign for the Dianne Tanzer gallery, we wanted to create a cohesive system within which each artist could sit, whilst showing off their uniques style as an artist. We gave each of ...
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business postcards

Stall Of Sound – Promotional Postcards

Do you remember the 50s? If you can, good on you! You’ll know what we mean when we say: Dinah Washington, the Korean War, Sputnik 1, and Rashomon. The Golden Age of Television, Jackson Pollock, ...
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angus nivison book design

Angus Nivison – Case Bound Book

Three prominent Australian galleries will be holding a retrospective exhibition of the work of Angus Nivison, an artist who has created a beautiful and solid body of work over a career which has spanned many ...
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gallery postcards

Sabbia Gallery – Postcards

When you first think of art, you normally think of paintings. Probably renaissance paintings, like the Sistine chapel, where (lots and lots) of ripped, naked men frolic across the ceiling with equally ripped, semi-naked Gods. ...
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Wittner graphic design

Wittner – Print & Advertising

Is it real leather or fake? What’s the best way to tell these days? Sometimes, if you’ve met the cow beforehand and gotten to know how it’s unique smell (that would actually be very sad) ...
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manly art gallery flyer

Manly Art Gallery & Museum – DL Flyer

We loved working with the Manly Art Gallery and Museum on these promotional postcards, because we think the gallery is a great initiative by the Manly council to preserve and keep a record of their ...
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