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Charles Hewitt Gallery, residing in Sydney, is an art gallery and framing business that’s had a significant presence in the art world for over 40 years.  The gallery hosts an extensive list of artists, spanning from fresh and emerging to established.  When one of their resident artists Tamara Dean was having an exhibition ‘This Too Shall Pass’, we began clapping our hands in sheer delight for the opportunity to collaborate with them and produce Dean’s exhibition catalogue.  Some say that the age of the exhibition catalouge is fading, but we certainly beg to differ.  When the time comes for an exhibition to comes to an end (sad), the catalogues that have been held in many hands are then thrust into the spotlight of importance, as they ensure that all imagery and information which has come before, will stand the test of time.  In this exhibition Dean, a photographic artist, pays homage to her city, through decaying urban locations which document and narrate a marvelously raw world, drawing viewers in with an intense beauty found within the photo’s subjects.  The catalogue was carefully designed and printed on our papyrus vellum stock, followed by a gloss varnish to radiantly tie the whole catalogue together.  Working together with Charles Hewitt Gallery, we were able to create an catalogue that mirrored the flavour and intensity of the exhibition, whilst also using sustainable and cost effective processes along the way.  Looking at producing a catalogue for your next exhibition? Why not swing by, we’d love to see where you’re at.

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