Maybe it’s just us but it seems that pottery and ceramics are having a bit of a come back recently. One pair of potters that have caught our attention are sisters Lauren and Rebecca and their business Chuchu.


Sisters Lauren & Rebecca are the ladies behind ceramics label Chuchu, making beautiful porcelain jewellery, dinnerware & kitchenware that we’re crushing on

Making beautiful porcelain jewellery, dinnerware and kitchenware, their goods are not just lovely to look at but are fun and functional – two very important things! In particular, we’re crushing on their beakers, platters and tea mugs.

What started out as a hobby to learn together, the sisters’ skills have grown so much it’s translated into a business with a very fond following. What we love in particular about Chuchu (apart from the pretty pottery) is that much like the way they work, their business has grown organically. It’s always nice to see this happen because we should always try to champion the little guys out there who are making and doing cool things!

Chuse Chuchu by heading to their website to check out the range and start shopping. Head to their Facebook page to read about updates and progress and look at lots of photos of their pottery.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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