Circle Album Artwork

Circle is an independent Sydney rock band based in Enmore, making music that’s been described as a few things; alternative, indie rock, indie pop, synth-pop and on occasion electronic.

The band has up to this point released two albums and one EP.


The aim to was create the impression of circles and not to get too circular about it. We ended up with a beautiful fluid and organic illustrated cover.

Xmas Omas is their latest album. It’s dedicated to taking the piss out of those Christmas holiday albums.

At the same time it’s not an album that hates on Christmas, but more a way to express the band’s frustration towards people who try to take proprietary rights of national holidays like Christmas.

They may have originated as religious holidays, but we all like presents and chocolate and old men wearing felt suits trimmed with cotton wool. Besides, didn’t Christians steal/politely request to take the Christmas holiday period from the pagans?

We don’t really know, history can all get a little fuzzy around the edges sometimes.

Circle Album Artwork
Although we have heard that the pagan Father Christmas apparently did not give gifts, we repeat he did not give gifts. We don’t know about that dude, he does sound a little suspect.

Meanings and messages aside, this is a great album packed with great tunes, and will definitely be a very enjoyable listen over Christmas. Did we mention it comes wrapped up in gorgeous little package, designed by If You Build It.

Hang on, did somebody say GIFT? We think we heard somebody say gift, although we guess it could have been ‘continental drift’, or ‘chair lift’… Urban skiing, that’s a thing. It actually is a thing! Only in Australia.

This is our equivalent to Berlin’s make believe river “beach”.

We’ll only give you one guess for the inspiration for the look and feel of this album. Yes, circles! The aim to was create the impression of circles, and particularly with the text Circle, not to get too circular about it.

branding sydney
Is that circular logic or what? Actually it’s not. We won’t get into why here. What we ended up with is this beautifully illustrated cover, fluid and organic, a pleasure to both play and possess.

Album artwork created for Australian independent artist Circle.  Entirely hand drawn and coloured, this truly unique design included posters, press release and merch range for this festive release EP.

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