We’re very honest with you guys on here and today we have another confession for you: we’re obsessed with coconut water. We adore the stuff, and truly find it helps us through any nasty bouts of three-thirtyitis, especially when we know we shouldn’t have any more coffee.


Made from coconuts grown in sustainable plantations, Cocobella coconut water isn’t just delicious, it’s kind to your body and the planet too!

A firm favourite of ours is Cocobella coconut water because not only is it absolutely delicious and pretty guilt free (unusual for us), it has a environmentally friendly edge as the coconuts used come from sustainable plantations in Indonesia and Thailand.

Cocobella is run by three school-mates from Melbourne who all left their careers to pursue their initial business NutrientWater. It was only after a trip overseas where they learnt of the amazing hydrating powers of coconut water did their coconutty adventure begin.

What we like about Cocobella (apart from it’s delicious taste) is their ability to pivot and expand their business. We will admit that coconut water has become a bit of a trend, but it’s easy to see why when you find out how good for you it is!

In need of some hydration? Get yourself onto the Cocobella website to learn more about their story, their stockists and even cocktail ideas (will it make you hangover free?) Their Facebook page is updated regularly with news and pictures of people enjoying their own Cocobella.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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