From Content Strategy to Conversion. An in Depth View into Content Marketing for a Local Self Defence School

One of the most important things to remember about content strategy is that there is no one size fits all solution. Industry, business size, and target demographic are just a few of the vast array of variables that mean the content strategy for every business is (or should be) individually tailored. In one of our many digital strategy case studies, we outline the importance of a uniquely tailored content strategy and the relationship with conversion.

From Content Strategy to Conversion - A Case Study

We recognised immediately that the Urban Kombat team were in a great niche, and we truly felt their vision would really resonate with a good number of modern, busy urbanites. It would just require a well researched and considered content strategy to get the message out, and to get the customers in.

Urban Kombat is a Krav Maga and Tactical Fitness school based in Sydney’s inner West. Their mission statement is ‘Combat the Sedentary Urban Lifestyle’ and their vision is to empower both kids and adults with genuinely useful and practical self defence skills, whilst also developing functional strength, endurance, mobility, and recovery mechanisms for an effective response to physical challenges. Krav Maga is recognised as the world’s leading self defence system, offering easy-to-learn solutions to common assaults. This provides an approach to self defence which is much more based in reality compared to the sport or ritual elements of traditional martial arts.

We recognised immediately that the Urban Kombat team were in a great niche, and we truly felt their vision would really resonate with a good number of modern, busy urbanites. It would just require a well researched and considered content strategy to get the message out, and to get the customers in. Urban Kombat came to us with an established and competent brand and website – they now just needed to get their voice heard – and get the right people hearing it.

Content Strategy

Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and management of content.  Content is not just the words on your site, but every digital asset that is used, from images and videos to social media comments. Ensuring that you have useful, valuable, and usable content, that is well structured, and easily found is vital to improving the user experience of a website, and to getting traffic there in the first place. The goal of a content strategy is to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content, which drives relevant traffic to your website, keeps them their when they’re visiting, and ultimately, increases business as a result.

After an extensive research process (starting with a digital audit), we developed a strategy which focused around 3 key areas of content: Content curation, original social content, and original articles.

Original Articles

The core of Urban Kombat’s content strategy is their original article publication and despite Krav Maga Sydney being a relatively non-competitive term the leaders in the space are well are truly fixed. The strategy serves two main purposes: they increase engagement and loyalty with the existing audience and customer base, by providing them with rich, engaging content, whilst the weekly publication of such articles (and the sharing of these articles around the internet) dramatically increases the search engine rankings, which means Urban Kombat becomes more visible to potential new customers. When the articles are shared and talked about in the right place, they also connect to potential new customers outside of search engine rankings. Regular content publication and the sharing of the content by other websites are key factors that effect your search engine rankings.

As well as great writing, it’s important that the overall look and feel of the articles are consistent and considered – fonts, headings, subheadings and imagery are all very important elements to consider when structuring articles – the aesthetics and overall user experience contribute massively to the success of content marketing articles.

Below is an example of an article created and shared as part of Urban Kombat’s campaign:

content strategy

On Facebook alone, the article above reached over 1,464 people, with 76 people clicking on the article and 31 likes, comments and shares (and over 15 shares directly from the website) all organically without any paid boosting. Targeted paid channel marketing (such as Facebook boosting) can be used in order to increase the reach of content published on social media channels. This article also drove large amounts of traffic from other channels such as reddit.

It is important to take a variety of approaches with articles, from funny and entertaining to informative and engaging: Some other successful examples of articles we created are:

How Learning Self Defence Can Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Why Learning Self Defence Is A Brilliant Way To Get Fit

The 4 Best Exercises to Improve Your Core Strength

Differences between Krav Maga and Other Martial Arts

Content Curation

Content curation is an extremely useful, cost effective, but often neglected aspect of online marketing. The basic idea is to carefully curate and share content that is relevant to your audience. If the content already has a large amount of interactions (likes, shares etc), then you’re almost guaranteed to receive engagement. Engagement on social media is important for two main reasons: Every like or share exposes your channel to new people, potentially growing your audience. Secondly, social media platforms such as Facebook use algorithms which show your channel’s publications to more people depending on how consistently engaging your channel is.

So, if you share a lot of well curated content which triggers a lot of engagement, the organic reach of any other original content will also be improved. If you are consistent with your tone, and repeatedly share interesting or funny content, your audience will see your channel as a worthwhile source of entertainment which further increases brand loyalty and makes your audience more receptive to marketing propositions.

Original Social Media Content

Original social content is the creation of content specifically for sharing on social media, often in the form of images, gifs (moving images), and videos. The idea of this type of content is that it is eye-catching, easily digestible, and shareable. Powerful images and quotes are often very successful in this regard, as they only take a moment to process, and if the message strongly aligns with the values of the user, often they will then share the content.

Below are some successful examples original social media content used in Urban Kombat’s campaign:


Quotes are one of the most common forms of social content. Quotes can be very powerful, and come loaded with meaning and connotations, which if they align with someones values, makes them eminently shareable. Sharing content on social media (particularly quotes) is a common way for people to demonstrate and affirm their beliefs, so being aware of this when creating this type of content is very important.




Tips are all about engaging the audience by improving their knowledge, presented information in a visually appealing and easy to consume format. A similar approach can be used with ‘facts’ or ‘interesting stats’. If the audience find the information interesting or useful then they are more likely to engage with it.



As well as creating great content. It’s also essential that the website does it’s job and converts visitors into customers. After working on the campaign for a while, through data analytics and on-site heat-mapping, we decided to suggest some A/B testing to the Urban Kombat team to see if we could improve conversion rates.

We didn’t design the original site, and although the original website design matched the brand aesthetically – from our years of experience in the field, we felt the site wasn’t as optimised as it could be for conversion. We simplified the site and removed unnecessary elements that might have been slowing the site down (site speed is a hugely important factor in conversion rates). In terms of design – we also brightened up an originally very dark site with much more white space and gave all the elements room to breathe. We improved the blog roll and menu, and made a number of small but effective tweaks to the user experience.

The individual changes weren’t radical (and the site still very much retained the integrity of the brand) but when combined, made for a much leaner, logical, and satisfying user experience.

A/B Test: Before

grow your business with a content strategy

A/B Test: After

using content marketing to grow your business

This brief vignette of the digital strategy undertaken for Urban Kombat highlights the importance of a holistic digital marketing strategy, where content, conversion, and their relationship to one another are carefully considered, and data is thoughtfully analysed and then acted upon. The variety of aspects that make up a digital strategy cannot be considered separately from one another in order to get the best results.

The IYBI team live and breath all things digital, and we love to discuss digital strategy all day long – get in touch, we’d be glad to create a bespoke digital strategy just for your business.

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