Craft Design Realisation

Much like the desk that Don Draper rests his feet on are the wonderful pieces from Craft Design Realisation. We love the throwback to these old school aesthetics and ethics, and these guys are clearly serious about producing exceptional pieces. Realise your dreams with their interior services, or help custom design the centrepiece for your house.

Craft Design Realisation are furniture designers + makers. The + says it all. They play their part and do it well, for example thinking of the environment has become a design necessity in architecture, furniture and everyday essentials that form our way of life.

Craft Design Realisation

Furniture designers and makers, Craft Design Realisation think of the environment has become a design necessity in architecture and furniture

“We play our part by developing product with sustainably sourced materials and finishes with a focus on product longevity.” The use of amazing Australian timber is achieved through reclaiming from old furniture. They run on a minimal carbon range with barely any product miles; in fact the holistic process is all undertaken within a 3km radius and all in-house.

Lines vary in look and palette, but the design lines are all classic. They are the mice of understatement. The use of raw timber is another motif running through their workmanship. And workmanship it is. The true artisan test of a business like this is that their products speak for themselves. No wonder these guys are getting so much press. They’re featured in all the trendy magazines one reads, uh “subscribes to” at the cafes. Mother in laws will be instantly impressed.

They offer a range of services, including interior, custom furniture design, and are open to companies, venues and retail spaces. We thought the home wares would make perfect centre pieces for your own home, office or consulting room. They feature only textiles and ceramics from local artisans.

If you enjoy classic lines, quality materials, perfect finishes, basically, if you’re a fan of Mad Men you’ll be a fan of Craft Design Realisation. They say a picture speaks a thousand words so get on their site to view their latest pieces and custom designs. You’ll understand then. You’ll probably call the Waterloo based showroom to make an appointment, especially if you’re thinking about changing up your business or personal look.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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