Dear September

This week we’re celebrating sisters (who are doing it for themselves – sorry) and here’s another pair of clever girls who are carving their own niche in the fashion and interior world. Sisters Sienna and Lauren are the creative duo behind Dear September, a business that allows them to share their passion for unique accessories and home decor, which hopes to appeal to an audience that value their homes as much as their wardrobes.

dear september

Urging you to take as much care with your home’s appearance as your own, Dear September is full of delightful goodies for both you and the space you live in

Created to fill a gap in the home decor market that caters to the young and fashionable, Dear September want their shoppers to be inspired to be fearless and fun when it comes to decorating their homes. The girls also offer a hire service where you can borrow pretty and unique objects for your wedding, birthday or other functions, which we love because here at IYBI we always like to see a business that is not just one-dimensional.

Inspired to check out Dear September? Make your way on to their website to see their range which will surely get you inspired. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with news, inspiration and press coverage. Their blog is worth checking out for in-depth posts on fashion and interior news, while their Pinterest and Instagram is awash with lovely photos.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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