Desert Designs

“Let the cosmic yellow seed of our country run all over your body.” That’s what it says on the Instagram profile for the Australian art-meets-fashion company, Desert Designs.

Judging by the good vibes we’re getting from them, we’ll do whatever they recommend. Two things we love are a success story and a comeback kid, and Desert Designs is both.


Art meets fashion head on within Desert Designs’ collections, combining elements of both Indigenous & non-Indigenous Aussie cultures to create magic

The Desert Designs story is an interesting one. Back in 1985 art teachers Stephen Culley and David Wroth came to know Jimmy Pike who they met through art classes they held at the Freemantle prison. Discovering Pike’s amazing artistic ability they began working in collaboration with him, Pike saw success as an acclaimed artist and travelled the world until his death in 2002.

The fashion brand, which features Pike’s bright, colourful and intricate designs, combines Indigenous with non-Indigenous sensibilities to create a uniquely Australian brand. Relaunched in 2013, and still featuring Pikes’ signature works, the business has been kept in the family with Culley’s daughter, Jedda Daisy and friend Caroline Sundt-Wels at the helm, whilst Culley gives out advice and does the marketing. We love the Desert Designs tale, it is one that many businesses should know about.

When we’re not in awe of the Desert Designs story, we’re lusting after their entire collection which you should definitely check out on their website. Their Facebook and Twitter page is updated with news on new collections, press and other tidbits. Their Instagram is somewhere you need to go immediately to check out their clothing in action.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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