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Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects is a contemporary art space, located in Melbourne’s bustling art community of Fitzroy.  The space centres around ‘the professional development of artists, whilst actively supporting the artist’s exploration of the creative process.’  One of the gallery’s most noteworthy artists, Victoria Reichelt is an established painter with a multitude of works under her belt.  Reichelt’s practice focuses on collections of objects and technologies that are on the verge of significant advancement.  We were approached by our friends at Dianne Tanzer to come up with catalogue for Reichelt’s solo exhibition ‘Shift’, being showcased at the Korean International Art Fair in Seoul.  What a cool project.  ‘Shift’ centres around the exploration of cultural shifts within print and magazines, believing that the days of seeing piles of magazines in homes and the public are numbered.   Although this idea of magazines declining saddens us (obviously we have a deep and profound love for all things print), the topic certainly needs to be brought to the forefront of peoples minds for anyone to do anything about it.  Because of this we are big fans, enjoying this offering as a public ode to magazines and the print industry; a tribute to their greatness.  We created the catalogue with these notions in mind, choosing to fill its pages with beautiful, clean type and several works illustrating the exquisite commitment to detail within her brush strokes.  The catalogue is a terrific introduction to Reichelt, a visual celebration of her body of work and Dianne Tanzer Gallery.  Do you love art? We do too.  Take a peek at some artist’s we have had the pleasure of collaborating with.

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