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The Dianne Tanzer gallery is located in Fitzroy, Victoria, and is named after Co-Director Dianne Tanzer.

Dianne Tanzer established her Melbourne gallery 20 years ago, and has since given many artists a platform to show their work and connect with their audience. The gallery focuses on representing contemporary artists.

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Dianne Tanzer Gallery wanted their branding to embody professionalism. The logo text is simple and clean, framed by a thin box.

The name Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects reveals a very special concern of this particular gallery; to take artists out of the conventionally established gallery space, and show their work in the spaces that best suit them. The two artists that are shown in the below photographs, are both represented by the Dianne Tanzer gallery and have unique varying practices.

We do a lot of work for the Dianne Tanzer gallery. As a gallery with a constantly rotating roster of shows, they’re always promoting, promoting, promoting.

We’ve been lucky to get called up do a lot of those promotions. We love their work, and it seems that they like us well enough, because recently we were asked to develop a new identity system that would work across all their collateral, including a logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, stickers, a bottle opener and finally, a square plaque.

The identity conveys professionalism, but with a flare. Perfect combination for a gallery. The logo text is simple and clean, framed by a thin box. Frames are a pretty big deal in art galleries. Hot pink is always a little daring, but we love it.

branding sydney
We love to think of the moment during an internal branding discussion when they realised they go through so much alcohol at the gallery that they need their own branded bottle opener!

Although we don’t go through nearly so much booze here (A; we don’t have as a good a reason as they do, and B; we’re generally responsible, upstanding people), we do have a couple of beers in the fridge and it would be pretty cool to have our own bottle opener to open them with.

There’s an idea to think about.

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