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A highly respected gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Matthew Wilson has a modest practice at Norwest Private Hospital in Western Sydney. With just three other staff members (one midwife and two office managers) all clients are guaranteed a personalised and professional experience. With a vast array of positive patient testimonials and recommendations, Dr Wilson wanted an online presence that would make the most of this, reflecting his practice’s skill and commitment to their clients. To that end he came to us for a new website and long-term digital strategy.

medical web design





When choosing a doctor (particularly the person who will be delivering your baby), trust is a big factor. You need to trust that no matter what happens they will be there, calm and collected and doing everything they can to ensure a positive outcome. The website design needed to reinforce the care and compassion of the practice and it’s staff, instilling that trust.

To do this, we utilised shots of Dr Wilson throughout the gynaecology and obstetrics website to create familiarity. There is also extensive and easy-to-find information on the practice and staff, helping patients feel like they already know the environment and people before they even walk through the door.

Dr Wilson wanted his site to be a gold mine of information for future parents and potential patients. He wanted all of the common questions about his approach and procedures to be present so that parents can make and be comfortable in an informed decision about who will care for them through this most important time.

To make this possible, the navigation and layout design had to be really clear and simple to use. We prioritised information and made use of sub-menu items to make everything easy to find.

By tying all of these elements together with a warm blue and mushroom colour palette and calls to action throughout, we make the site user friendly and approachable. Custom icons on the home page not only aid navigation, but insert a touch of personality and help clients connect with the practice.

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Content Marketing

One of the most important factors to consider when trying to improve your search engine rankings is original content. When Google thinks that you are an authority on a subject, they will start ranking you highly for that subject. One of the ways that Google decides who’s an authority and who isn’t is by looking at the content on your site – it’s frequency, originality, keyword use and popularly.

This was a particularly effective strategy for Dr Wilson as expecting parents have countless questions to be answered, and spend a lot of time before their child is born learning how best to take care of themselves, their babies and what their options are should things go wrong.

In the articles we focused on health during pregnancy, and some highly debated topics that all new mum’s are unsure about like labour induction and breast vs bottle feeding. We published one article every fortnight, activating it across and variety of channels.

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Social Media

As having a baby is such a personal experience, new parents feel a great connection to their obstetrician. This has resulted in a highly engaged social media audience.

Sharing the articles and encouraging followers to share their own stories on social media results in an engaged audience and significantly increased brand exposure.

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Running simultaneously with the content marketing and discovery strategies was an Adwords campaign. By carefully targeting specific keywords and monitoring clicks, we were able to drive significant traffic to the site without an outrageous budget.

The Result

Dr Wilson’s practice is now so busy that they’re having to turn clients away. To ensure that Dr Wilson will personally be there to deliver each client’s baby, they have a capped number of deliveries each month, ensuring the elite care that they’re known for. We have put some of our strategies on hold to accommodate this busy period, to be activated again when needed.

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