Drunk on the Moon

Potentially inspired by the title of a Tom Waits song, Drunk on the Moon is not only a shop with a fantastic name, it’s a fantastically named shop that buys and sells antique and vintage furniture. Not liquor. Based in Newtown, the Australia street shop is a haven for lovers of the old, distressed and the unique. Displaying our patriotic side, we really like that Drunk on the Moon focuses on Australian pieces (is that why they’re in Australia street?) It’s a rustic collection boasting lots of timber, curious and unusual pieces (resin medical skeleton anyone?) and it’s bound to have something for everyone, even those with a thoroughly peculiar taste in interior decorating. Their mission is to source affordable, but always quality, vintage and antique furniture with new stock always in the shop. There’s always a wonderful and inventive display in the window, and we like how this kind of passion and attention to detail runs consistently at Drunk on the Moon. Many of the items don’t hang around too long, so if you see something you like you better grab it quick smart. The shop is a wondrous cave filled with an assortment of objects that will be bound to tempt you, we wouldn’t be surprised if you spend many an hour in this hideaway.

Drunk on the Moon

Head to the Drunk on the Moon’s Facebook page to check out their opening hours and updates on what’s in the shop. It’s updated regularly with pieces that have recently been bought and to give you an idea on the sort of items you can expect to find. Their Instagram is a sea of photos of furniture.


by Jaime MacMillan

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