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If you’ve ever needed to install a fireproof door, chances are you would have heard of E-Core®. The E-Core® product was developed to replace the asbestos, cement and mineral based products which were used to manufacture fire doors well into the 1980’s. Unlike it’s predecessors, E-Core® (which is made of vermiculite) has no long-term health concerns – in fact, it has no OH&S issues associated with it at all. The product is manufactured into panels which are used in the construction of fire door systems.

commercial manufacturer website design

When re-designing E-Core®’s website we focused on readability and conversion, encouraging users to make contact with a distributor at every turn

While E-Core® had an existing website, it was hard to navigate and thoroughly uninviting. Even though they work on a business-to-business model, they felt that it was important to have an attractive and welcoming online presence so that the public could learn about their product in order to request it through E-Core® distributors nationwide.

The commercial manufacturer website re-design needed to make the information easy to find and digest, guiding potential clients to make an enquiry (either with E-Core® or one of their distributors) at every step. We recommended a single page site, keeping the aesthetic clean and straightforward.

The full width image in the first reveal immediately informs the visitor that this is an industrial product, which was important because their focus is on commercial projects. E-Core®’s tagline “It’s Good To Be Safe” takes centre stage accompanied by an option to make contact.

industrial manufacturer website design
Web users naturally divide content into blocks, seeking out keywords and headlines. They scan information rather than reading every word – it helps them find what they’re looking for faster and avoid what they’re not interested in. Knowing this, we’ve segmented the information using heirachy, columns, accordions and tables, all greatly increasing it’s readability.

Subtle colour changes differentiate sections, with important elements highlighted in charcoal and red. Having the buttons in the brightest colour of the palette draws the eye, further encouraging conversion.

manufacturer responsive website design

Distributors are a main feature of the site, taking up the most real estate with both a map and extensive contact details. This increases the authority of the page while keeping the content on brand.

E-Core®’s new site is functional, beautiful and most importantly user friendly. For a simple site it doesn’t pull any punches, with the design putting it head and shoulders above others in it’s field in terms of appeal and usability. Who would’ve thought door manufacturing could be so inviting?

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