Eleven Velo

Eleven Velo is a premium bike clothing designer and manufacturer with a twist. Clothes can be divided into categories including ‘I Ride Trail’ and ‘I Ride City’ which has had the studio divided on which category purchase things from.

Much like the core material used by Eleven Velo (merino wool), their unique and personalised work ethic is an often stereotyped Australian value actually being put into practice. It’s refreshing!

A little bit different, a lot more personal. Their site is fully comprehensive, and explains in detail their processes and systems. Don’t be afraid because it’s not H&M, ASOS or genericinternetclothing101.

They do large bundle orders ready within two-three weeks, and order cycles are generally about 3 days apart. As soon as one starts using this service they can see it’s a serious investment, and that Eleven CC will deliver on the goods.

The best thing about Eleven Velo is that they’re doing something they want to do. It’s energising to see people running a business about something they care for. We all have ‘that biker friend’ who has introduced us to Treadlie magazine and the like. You only have to wander up to Magnation to see the rise of biking as a trend and the ever increasing use of bike sharing and bike infrastructure, meaning that it’s never been a better time to update from Lycra.

Eleven Velo offer a range of products, the usual, as well as their own unique spin on things. They have team rates to help kit out your whole pack to keep them looking and feeling good, with some heavy discounts too! More interesting to us personally was their accessories section, where they carry a really cool version of the Classic Musset Bag (“Because saddle bags are uncouth”!), as well as single arm and leg warmers.

Their design lines and colour palettes suit their choice of material and texture perfectly, giving the modern biker a more sophisticated and yet laid back look and a warmer, softer, more stylish option for cold morning rides. They also have services centring on design and biking culture, so they can help you out with a lot more then looking good! If you have bike trouble give them a shout out. One of the best Sydney design firms we’ve seen. Eleven Velo in a hashtag? #genuinenotgeneric.


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by Isaac Keatinge

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